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Katahdin Sheep
Registered Katahdin ram lamb for sale *SOLD*
Calico had twins this year. She has successfully raised 16 lambs in seven years. We are retaining the ewe lamb as a replacement. The very colorful ram lamb is ready to go to a new flock of ewes. Please call for more information.
Charlie is here to make lambs!
We are very fortunate to have Charlie here to visit our three purebred Katahdin ewes. Charlie is owned by Ruth Bleau of Blue Oaks Ranch in Grass Valley. He should produce some very colorful lambs with the characteristics of this great breed, which includes great dispositions. Watch for new arrivals in February!
Cocoa's lambs are here!
Cocoa finally produced two beautiful ewe lambs Wednesday evening. They weighed in at slightly over ten pounds each.
First lamb has arrived!
Calico brought forth one very healthy ewe lamb this morning. Ruth weighed in at a whopping 13 lbs 4 oz. I plan to keep her, so 2U Sheep Station will have to become 3U Sheep Station or perhaps 2U+1 Sheep Station! Cocoa is due any time.
Lambs due first week of February
Cocoa is due to lamb February 1, 2016, and Calico will follow soon after. Check back to see baby pics and find out what we will be offering for sale this year. With such a small operation, we sell out quickly, but a deposit will hold a lamb or lambs until they are weaned.
This year's ewe lambs are sold!
All three ewe lambs have found a new home. They will be staying together to become the foundation of a Katahdin breeding program for Matt Boyd of Acampo, CA. Matt is off to a good start with these three RR lambs from a small flock that has consistently tested negative for OPP and CL. Congratulations, Matt!
Lambs have arrived!
Cocoa had two little ewe lambs Wednesday evening. Actually, not so little: 13 pounds and almost 10! Both are white with brown trim and RR for scrapie. Calico is due early next week.
2015 Crop of Lambs and Kids
Lambs are due the first week of February. Both ewes are expecting triplets, and all lambs will be RR. Once again all five Nubian does are bred to Curly, our boer buck. Kids will begin to arrive around February 10. Last year the doe kids sold fast, going to boer breeders looking for clean, tested Nubian-cross does to add milk production to their market boer herds. If you would like to reserve a doe kid this season, please call or email us for more information.
Hey, who are you???
The neighbor's fat goose managed to fly over the fence into the sheep pasture. This little ram lamb's curiosity overcame his fear until the goose nipped him. No fowl, no harm!
The lambs are here!
On February 10 Calico had two ram lambs. Two days later Cocoa produced one ram lamb and one ewe lamb. All are healthy and already running circles and figure 8s in the pasture. Cocoa's ram lamb has already been sold and will join a small flock later this summer as a breeding ram.
The nursery is ready!
This is the last day of January, and Cocoa and Calico are both due right around Valentine's day! Ultrasounds showed both ewes carrying twins this year. I am glad to know that Calico is not having quads again, although a third lamb could have been hiding behind the other two during the ultrasound. The ram responsible this season is a beautiful RR Katadhin owned by Blue Oaks Farm in Grass Valley. We will post pictures as soon as the lambs make their entrance into the world.
MoMo goes to Kindergarten
Last week MoMo, the smallest of Calico's quads and still getting a supplemental bottle, was invited to visit two kindergarten classes. He made me very proud, standing still as the noise level fluctuated and letting everyone pet him. After he had a bottle, I told them a little about sheep, including the fact that they have four stomachs. One very smart little boy made a connection between four lambs and four stomachs and asked if there had been a lamb in each stomach. I hope my answer was sufficient and not too confusing. It was great fun. BTW, MoMo is going to a new home with his two sisters next month where he will be a much-loved pet lamb/sheep.
Our small flock

All five lambs are thriving. Recent rains have spurred grass growth, so Calico is producing enough milk to feed her quads. Mo still gets a bottle since he is the smallest and less aggressive than his siblings. Give us a call to reserve one or all of the three registered RR ewe lambs and add some color to your life!
Flock plus one

Calico has been venturing out onto the pasture with her new flock of four. There have been a few mishaps when two lambs wind up on one side of the fence and two on the other, but Calico is a cool mom and manages to get everybody back together in time. Cocoa's little lamb is thrilled to have some companions. She is two weeks older, which means she is bigger and stronger than her new friends, but Calico keeps her in line. Soon they will all be running figure eights in the pasture. I love lambs!
Calico's new quads!

Well, now we know why Calico needed some help retaining this year's litter. Dr. Skillman came out yesterday and confirmed with a blood test that Calico had pregnancy toxemia (ketosis). I had already begun giving her propylene glycol so her level was not terrible but still required monitoring. Dr. Skillman also did a speculum check and Calico's cervix was not dilated. The strategy was to monitor, treat, and induce labor if her count went back up. I had planned to give Calico her last dose of p/g and a shot of B Complex at 9:30 last night. As I entered the sheep barn I saw Calico lying down and a wet puddle of lamb newly arrived. I cleared its nose and mouth and put it in front of Calico to lick. Shortly after a second lamb shot out in a gush of amniotic fluid, much more than usual. Both lambs were brown boys. I began to wonder if Calico's gigantic size was an over-abundance of amniotic fluid. I decided to go inside and get more towels and come back to check in a bit as nothing was forthcoming. When I returned Calico was behaving as though she were trying to reposition more kids, so I decided to do a manual check. I found feet and a nose and another brown lamb, a girl. So I figured there must be a fourth, and sure enough there was, another brown girl! Everyone is doing fine this morning except me. I didn't go to bed until 2:20 and, of course, woke up at 5 whether I wanted to or not. I will post better pics when I let them out into a larger area this afternoon.