About Out of the Whey Farm
Welcome to Out of the Whey Farm, located in California's Gold Country northeast of Sacramento. We are a small family farm dedicated to breaking even while producing meat, milk and eggs for our table. The farm is home to a small herd of Nubian goats, an even smaller flock of Katahdin sheep, an assortment of hens and, last but not least, Razlen, an Arabian mare. And then there are the cats, whey too many cats (excuse the pun): one indoor, two indoor/outdoor, and four outdoor/barn cats, to be exact--Whoops, two new kittens born in our barn and saved from life as feral cats.

We believe that animal husbandry is a calling, not a job. Even a small farm such as ours creates lots of hard work. Fortunately it also provides opportunities for harvesting tons of satisfaction and reaping bushels of joy. We invite you to wander through our website and learn more about the critters, what's going on, and what's for sale. And please check back often as we will be updating the site frequently. Have a wonderful day and happy trails.

Out of the Whey Farm
P. O. Box 1025
C.A. Dierksen, Proprietor
Newcastle, CA 95658
(916) 539-4339