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Calico's new quads!

Well, now we know why Calico needed some help retaining this year's litter. Dr. Skillman came out yesterday and confirmed with a blood test that Calico had pregnancy toxemia (ketosis). I had already begun giving her propylene glycol so her level was not terrible but still required monitoring. Dr. Skillman also did a speculum check and Calico's cervix was not dilated. The strategy was to monitor, treat, and induce labor if her count went back up. I had planned to give Calico her last dose of p/g and a shot of B Complex at 9:30 last night. As I entered the sheep barn I saw Calico lying down and a wet puddle of lamb newly arrived. I cleared its nose and mouth and put it in front of Calico to lick. Shortly after a second lamb shot out in a gush of amniotic fluid, much more than usual. Both lambs were brown boys. I began to wonder if Calico's gigantic size was an over-abundance of amniotic fluid. I decided to go inside and get more towels and come back to check in a bit as nothing was forthcoming. When I returned Calico was behaving as though she were trying to reposition more kids, so I decided to do a manual check. I found feet and a nose and another brown lamb, a girl. So I figured there must be a fourth, and sure enough there was, another brown girl! Everyone is doing fine this morning except me. I didn't go to bed until 2:20 and, of course, woke up at 5 whether I wanted to or not. I will post better pics when I let them out into a larger area this afternoon.