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End of Season Specials

Although I tend to think of all this year's kids as "special." it is time to finally wean Amy's three doelings and find them homes. One is black, one is brown with spots, and one is black with spots. This is their "baby picture." I will have current pictures up in the For Sale album as soon as I can get some photographic assistance around here!
Mother Amy is a small Nubian, a "strawberry roan" in equine terminology. She is a wonderful mother and still stops for the babies to nurse even though they are nearly as big as she is! Amy is sweet and cooperative and hops right up on the stand to be milked. I believe her daughters will follow in her footsteps and probably produce many little spotted doelings for their new owners. I will try to get new pictures up soon. In the meantime, call for more information if you would like one of these girls or perhaps all three!