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The Mob
The Poor Dirt Farmer is even poorer now that she has returned from a week's vacation on Sanibel Island, Florida. So now it is time to start finding a home for "the mob." This morning I put three moms and one yearling out in a pasture which needs some manicuring and left all 12 kids with Polly. Oddly no one had separation issues, so none of my neighbors had to call animal control to report abuse or cruelty! Six of these "little suckers" are does; there are two spotted does and three spotted wethers if you are into color. All four remaining moms have triplets (I sold Abby and her two doe kids). I would like to sell one kid from each set of triplets to lighten the load on the moms, so four will be ready to go at 2 months of age. A deposit will hold the others should you wish to leave them with mom a bit longer. Email or call for an appointment to come see "the mob" up close and personal.