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Baby in a Box
We had a near disaster here at OTW Farm yesterday. Polly had her babies Saturday night, and I made sure the weakest, a girl, was nursing before I went to bed. Next morning one of the boys looked kinda peaked, but I had a brunch date so....

When I got home he was definitely in distress, so I milked some colostrum into a bottle and fed him a couple of ounces. When I checked him an hour later he was lying in a goat fetal position and shivering, so I brought him inside, wrapped him in a towel, and held him to try to warm him up.

It wasn't working, so I got out the heating pad and sandwiched him between me and the pad. When he finally stopped shivering, I gave him some more milk and two-tenths of a cc of B-Complex. After a final feeding around 10:00 I wrapped him in a towel, put him in a plastic tub, and put the tub close to my freestanding gas stove, which I left on low all night.

All was silent at 4:30 a.m. when I woke up. I finally got the courage to go see if he was still alive, and HE WAS! He is back with his mom and brother and sister, at least for the day. I hope I can get both my bottle babies back on their moms, but I do enjoy being their mom for a little while.