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Angel had triplets, all boys
Angel was in labor last night at 9:30 when I made my last rounds. I confined her in the kidding pen and assembled my kidding equipment: towels, iodine, kid saver. At 11:00 she had not started pushing so I came in and watched Bill Maher (sorry if this disappoints anyone). When I went back out at midnight there were two wet little boys lying in a puddle, and mom wasn't paying any attention to them. I put them near her and dried off their backs, leaving something for Angel to clean to help with imprinting. I checked Angel and decided she probably had another kid to deliver, which she did at 12:30 a.m. It seems she had decided to have all three before she cleaned them, which was not a good plan. This particular line has a tendency towards poor mothering skills. Anyway, what I assume was the first born was cold, weak and listless. Soon the other two were up and active and he wasn't. So I milked some colostrum into a cup and used a 10 cc syringe to get about 20 ccs into him. Then I put a small towel around him to help him retain some heat. This morning all three are up and active. I am glad they are all boys because I'm not sure I want to perpetuate this line. Here is a picture of the threesome.