Katahdin Sheep
Out of the Whey Farm is host to 2U Sheep Station, named for the two Katahdin ewes that make up the flock. This breed of hair sheep has numerous characteristics that make it ideal for the small farm owner. Katahdin Hair Sheep International, Inc. is the official registry, and their website has a wealth of information about the breed.

Cocoa Puff and Calico were a Christmas present from Ruth Bleau of Blue Oaks Farm in Grass Valley. We had the pleasure of raising these girls from the time they were only a few days old. These two bottle babies have matured into fine ewes that are easily handled without the use of chutes or other apparatus. Cocoa and Calico lambed as yearlings and, over the last five years, have successfully raised a total of 23 lambs!

You can probably tell we're not into plain, white sheep! We love color, and since Katahdins are hair sheep and are not bred for their wool, color is not a problem. In the spring the girls start to get itchy to change into their summer coats, and our fences soon are adorned with multi-colored wool. In addition to not needing to shear these girls, the tails of Katahdin sheep are not docked. Two less chores to do on a busy farm.